Instructor/Trainer Professional Development Application

The USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Program was developed to promote the pursuit of excellence in instruction and training.

Participation in the Professional Development component of the program is voluntary and includes certification. Certification implies recognition by the USDF of the candidate's achievements and capabilities. To be certified means that the candidate has demonstrated the knowledge and abilities necessary to teach the concepts of dressage and meet specified standards of proficiencies.

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USDF Certification is offered at three Levels (select level(s) applying for):



Provide three (3) written recommendations for Training - First Level and Second Level; five (5) for Third – Fourth Level. These should be people who can verify your teaching and training ability and attest to your character. Preferred recommendations will be from Judges, Certified Instructors, or other dressage professionals. Please provide the contact information below, including phone number and/or email address:

Recommendation 1

Recommendation 2

Recommendation 3

Instructor/Trainer Development Program Code of Ethics

As a USDF Certified Instructor or Professional Development participant, and member in good standing of the United States Dressage Federation, I acknowledge my obligation to uphold the highest standards of horsemanship both at home and when in the public eye.

As a horseman, I place my student's safety and horse's welfare above all else.

At competitions, whether participating as a trainer or as a competitor, I will know and comply with all rules of the USEF, and when applicable, the FEI, and will ensure that my students know and comply with these rules as well.

As an instructor, I acknowledge the importance of continuing my own education in order that I may pass this knowledge to my students.

I also understand that as a USDF member and Certified Instructor, I serve as a representative of my sport, the USDF, and the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program. I will endeavor to reflect credit on them through my conduct, dress, and behavior by maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.

I further understand that individuals who are suspended, put under probation, or expelled by either the USEF or the USDF will lose their USDF Instructor Certification.

I acknowledge my membership in this professional community and my responsibility to demonstrate respect for my fellow professionals at all times.

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