General Rules


USDF Rider Awards are based strictly on the scores the rider achieves over time and need not be earned in one year. The following guidelines apply to rider performance awards; bronze, silver and gold medals; freestyle bronze, silver and gold bars; and master’s challenge awards.


  • Rider must:
    • Have a USDF Participating Membership (PM) or Group Membership (GM) when scores are earned.
    • Be a member in good standing of USDF when scores are earned
  • Horse must have a USDF Horse Identification (HID) number or a USDF Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR) at the time scores are earned. Exception: Horses competing only in breed restricted competitions.
  • Horse shall be registered with USDF in the name of the owner under which it is exhibited.
  • Scores may be earned on one or more horses.

Recorded Scores & Application

  • Rider must submit scores and fee to USDF online using the official Rider Performance Award Application
  • $25 processing fee for each rider award achieved.
  • Any score earned at a USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competition from a regular USEF or FEI test may be used. Hors de concours scores, USEF Rider Test scores, and scores earned in opportunity classes do not count for any awards. Freestyle scores only count for freestyle awards.
  • Eligible scores earned at USEF Special Competitions held in the U.S. are also applicable.
  • If two or more judges score one ride, the average of their scores counts as one score.
  • Riders should submit the form online after all of the required four or six scores are earned, rather than submitting scores one at a time.
  • Completed application and fee must be received by September 30 of the award year for inclusion in the current awards year.