Specialty Awards

Howard B. Simpson

The Howard B. Simpson High Five Trophy is awarded annually to the volunteer who best exemplifies Howard’s spirit of volunteering. The award honors Howard B. Simpson who served as the NAYRC Director at Tempel Farms for many years. Howard also served as sponsor and tireless volunteer. The recipient of this award embodies Howard’s dedication and commitment to the championships. The award is presented by the United States Equestrian Federation.


2023 Allen Kalchik
2019 Dee Steb
2018 Katelyn Mosle
2017 Tommy Struzzieri (HITS Saugerties) and Don Trotter (Rebecca Farm)
2016 Jennifer Little
2015 Lloyd Landkamer
2014 Mark Coley
2013 Christy Baxter

The Style Awards

The Style Awards annually celebrates one rider from each discipline recognizing their “style” throughout the week. Not only while mounted, but also in the form of manners and overall demeanor around the competition grounds and at the organized functions. The Style Awards were established by Brian and Penny Ross who have generously donated, in conjunction with Bel Cavallo Bronze, the lovely dressage, eventing and show jumping trophies designed by the artist Timi Saviers of Moscow, TN.

Dressage Discipline Winners

2023 Olivia Martz
2022 Madison Sumner
2021 Christian Simonson
2019 Abby Fodor
2018 Callie Jones
2017 Marline Syribeys
2016 Gaylen Davis
2015 Cassidy Gallman
2014 David Ziegler
2013 Krista Spencer

Captain Andrew B. De Szinay

The Captain Andrew B. De Szinay Memorial Sportsman Trophy is given to the Young Rider who best personifies the high standards and virtues of integrity, sportsmanship, honor, courage, team spirit, good temper and unselfishness. This award is presented annually by the United States Equestrian Federation in honor of Captain Andrew B. De Szinay who was a teacher, dressage judge, technical delegate and long-time supporter of the Young Rider’s program. His dedication and support has helped the championships become what it is today.

Dressage Discipline Winners

2023 Emily Bansky
2022 Elizabeth Petersen
2021 Maja Cornwell
2019 Carlos Maldonado Lara
2016 Ben Ebeling, Co-Recipient
2014 Anna Buffini

HorsePower Trophy

The HorsePower Trophy is given to the horse that stands out from their peers at the FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships. This award is presented annually by Brad Ettleman of HorsePower, Inc. This award recognizes an outstanding horse, from any of the championship disciplines, who best demonstrates determination, courage, class, heart and the ability to inspire athletes and spectators alike throughout the competition.

Dressage Discipline Winners

2023 Winzalot
2021 Wiriana
2019 Largo 224
2018 Ringmoylan
2017 Marzipan of Canada