Charles de Kunffy (2013)

In recognition of his contributions to the development and promotion of classical dressage in the U.S. He has contributed his expertise to various publications and has written numerous published books on dressage. Mr. de Kunffy, one of the most eloquent ambassadors of dressage, has become known as a lifelong educator and charismatic instructor who has had a resounding impact on dressage in America.

Induction Speech:

Charles de Kunffy may well be one of the most eloquent ambassadors of dressage in our lifetime. He is the author of numerous articles and at last count, seven books on the subject.

The well known British author and horse woman, Sylvia Loch, wrote in the forward of the 1993 edition of The Ethics and Passions of Dressage: "If you want to express the utter joy, the drive, the energy that takes you forward on your journey with horses, it is here in this book."

And so it is with all of his writings.

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