Major General Guy V Henry, Jr (2001)

Major General Guy V Henry, JrIn recognition of his life-long promotion of equestrian sport in the United States. He organized the US team for the first Olympic Games to include equestrian sport, and competed as a team member in all three disciplines. General Henry was the Director of Equestrian Activities for the 1932 Olympic Games. He has been the only American president of the FEI. He helped to define and circulate the first rules for dressage in the US.

Induction Speech:

Major General Guy V Henry, Jr. was a giant among men, although he was only 5'6" tall and slight of build. He was born in 1875 and died at the age of 92 in 1967. In 1912, Henry organized the U.S. Team for the first Olympic Games to include modern equestrian competition. He also competed in all three disciplines in that games, winning a team bronze medal in the "Military" event, which was the precursor to the three-day even. He was very active in the FEI, serving as both president and vice president. To date, he is the only American to have served as president of the FEI. Henry was an aide in the White House to President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905. He received a citation from President Harry Truman for 50 years of active duty. Read more