Keen (1997)

Keen - Hilda GurneyPresented in Tribute to Keen 1966-1989 This 17.2 H Thoroughbred, trained by Hilda Gurney, dominated U.S. dressage in the mid-1970's. He earned 5 USDF FEI level titles, Gold and Silver medals at two Pan Am Games, Bronze team medal at the '76 Olympics, and competed at age 19 at the '84 Olympics.


Purchased by California dressage pioneer Hilda Gurney for $1,000 from a Thoroughbred breeder in 1969 at the age of three, the gelding Keen (Money Broker - Mabel Victory) embarked on a new career: dressage. Saved from being traded for cattle (he had been laughed off the racetrack because of his large size), Keen started his training. Read more