Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame Individual Nomination


Individuals who will be considered for inclusion in the USDF Hall of Fame will be those who:

  • demonstrate longevity of excellence in the sport of dressage; and
  • have made outstanding contributions to the growth, development, quality, popularity and appreciation of the sport of dressage in the United States. Individuals may be considered posthumously.

Relative Importance of Contributions

The sport of dressage in the United States has evolved over the last century from an equestrian discipline open only to members of U.S. Cavalry, to a sport considered primarily an adjunct to the sport of eventing, to a discipline recognized as the foundation for correct training. It has grown from a practice in isolated pockets of the country guided by foreign experts that slowly gained acceptance throughout the country, to recognition as one of the fastest growing equestrian discipline in the United States, one in which U.S. riders compete successfully and consistently on the international stage.

As the sport has developed, the kinds and quality of the contributions made to the sport by individuals have also evolved. The contributions of each nominee must be considered in the context of the stage(s) of development of the sport in which the nominee was active. The contributions of a nominee who excelled in competition in the 1930s when participation in competitive dressage was limited to U.S. Cavalry officers cannot be compared to the contributions of an individual who, for example, worked diligently to unite the various isolated communities of dressage enthusiasts through the creation of regional or national dressage organizations.

Types of Contributions

Outstanding contributions to the growth, development, quality, popularity and appreciation of dressage can take many forms, including:

  • teaching riders and/or instructors
  • writing articles and/or books, including those on theory, history, philosophy, and teaching methodologies
  • serving or training as licensed officials, including judges at FEI levels, Technical Delegates and FEI Stewards. Such as positions can indicate proficiency, accomplishment and longevity
  • training horses that compete successfully and consistently at high national and/or international levels
  • training and coaching individuals who compete successfully and consistently at high national and/or international levels
  • participation as a presenter at symposia, seminars, workshops and clinics
  • competing successfully and consistently at higher national levels and/or international levels
  • developing broad based appreciation of the sport of dressage in the United States in the general population as well within the general discipline of equestrian sport
  • assuming positions of leadership in major local, regional or national dressage organizations
  • serving as a role model by virtue of demonstrating good sportsmanship, teaching by example, and working to improve the quality of American dressage.

A nominee's activities must be sustained and national or regional in scope (for example, representing the United States on Olympic teams, conducting national symposia or regional symposia; authoring publications that are nationally or internationally appreciated), and should demonstrate vision, originality and creativity.

If you would like to nominate an individual for induction into the Hall of Fame, please complete the nomination form. Provide detailed information about the individual and his or her accomplishments. Please send any additional supporting material to


  • Nominations may be made by any current USDF Participating Member or Group Member.
  • Current members of the USDF Executive Board and staff are not eligible for nomination.
  • USDF staff or members of the USDF Historical Recognition Committee may contact you for additional information or media.
  • A nomination may be moved to an appropriate award category, within the Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Award and Member of Distinction nominations, at the discretion of the USDF Historical Recognition Committee.


Deadline for nominations is May 1. All nominations received after May 1 of the current year will be considered for the following year.

Nomination Form


Nominating Member

Statement of importance of nominee to the development of dressage in the United States. Please describe how the nominee meets one or more of the types of contributions listed above.

Please provide links to any articles, websites, or additional materials showcasing the nominee's contributions to dressage.

Names and addresses of nominee's relatives if nominee is deceased.

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