Congratulations New USDF L Education Program Graduates

For Immediate Release
Friday, November 17, 2023

Lexington, KY (November 17, 2023) - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce that seventeen USDF members successfully graduated from the USDF L Education Program in 2023. This program is designed to prepare candidates to enter the USEF/ USDF 'r' Licensed Dressage Judge Training program, to qualify individuals to judge schooling shows, and to give competitors, trainers, and instructors greater insight into the evaluative process of judging dressage. The program also serves to provide continuing education for licensed judges. USDF's L Education Program is an excellent opportunity for all members to learn how to improve their scores and improve their ability to view other rides from a judge's perspective, whether or not they plan on becoming licensed judges themselves. USDF L Education Program faculty are all approved USEF Senior (‘S') dressage judges, who also have experience in teaching judge-training programs.

USDF congratulates the following new graduates of the USDF L Education Program:

Region 1:
 Sarah Borrey, NC
 Julianne Brownson, VA
 Lisa Chan, NC
*Elise Enoch, VA
*Erin Hurley, NJ
 Kelsey Johnson, PA
*Lauren Kimmel, MD
 Carol Lippa, PA
 Kirsi Nevalainen Lacorte, MD
*Christine Phipps, NC
*Kathryn Sepka, VA
*Lucille Sullivan, NC
 Thomas, VA
 David Ziegler, MD

Region 2:
*Jessica Calvert, IL
 Ariel Wyatt, OH

Region 3:
 Kelly Burns, GA
 Leslie Hagberg, FL
*Madison Lareau, GA
 Anna Merritt, FL
*Missouri Powers, SC
 Lori Roe, FL
*Janell Scherbarth, FL
 Jennifer West, FL
 Virginia Whitaker, FL

Region 4:
*Jane Fucinaro, NE
 Pamela J. Koehler, IA
*Alexandria Novotny Pasker, IA

Region 7:
 Amber Seltzer, CA
 Karrigan Norris-Schultz, CA

Region 8:
*Kimberly Blaszak, NY
 Dr. Debbie Kondoff, NY
 Shelby Lawrence, VT
 Augusta Lord Van Tongeren, ME
 Tyra Payne, ME
 Jennifer Raffi, MA
*Alexandra Tomson, NY

Region 9:
 Richal Flannery, OK
*Holly Luke, OK

*Denotes those that graduated with distinction from the USDF L Education Program. Those who pass with distinction are eligible to apply to enter USEF/ USDF 'r' Licensed Dressage Judge Training program.

For more information about the USDF L Education Program, to access a list of USDF L Graduates, for a calendar of USDF L Education Programs, or for details on hosting a program, visit or contact USDF at

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