Marilyn Heath (2013)

Marilyn Heath (2013)Marilyn Heath has been a long and faithful volunteer to USDF through her dedication to judge education and involvement with USDF's "L" Education Program as well as Delaware Valley Combined Training Association (DVCTA). After becoming a USEF "S" Judge, in 1989, Marilyn could have worked towards becoming an FEI dressage judge. She chose, instead, to focus on judge education and became an "L" Faculty member in 1992. Education was always an interest of Marilyn's and through her involvement with the "L" Program, it became a passion. As the co-chair and chair of the "L" Education Program, Marilyn exhibited strong leadership in updating the program and its materials by transforming from overheads to DVDs. Through her leadership the "L" Program experienced growth in participation and auditors by providing accessibility of judge education to wider audience. Marilyn also fostered consistency in judge education by reaching out to USEF and USEA with their judge training programs.

Marilyn's passion for judging, personal integrity, and leadership have positively impacted USDF's judge education program, USDF's education mission, and the development of consistent and correct dressage education for all.