Sally Davenport (2023)

Sally Davenport’s influence and leadership has been felt in the dressage community for decades. Although her actions, work, and volunteering have had a national impact, she is most frequently associated with her longtime service to the New England Dressage Association (NEDA) where she has served on their board and has steadily organized and administered numerous programs including USDF L Education sessions, among other education series, trainings, and clinics. Her commitment to providing top-notch education has benefited many members through the years. She was named USDF Volunteer of the Year in 2013, and has also served as a Dressage Technical Delegate (1986 – retired her license in 2021), on the Technical Delegate Committee (1988-1994) and Committee Chair (1997-1998). She was also an FEI Dressage Steward (2013 – retired her license in 2021) and an FEI Para Dressage Steward (2014 – retired her license in 2021.)