Education is a vital part of the mission of USDF. We offer a wide variety of programs for all levels and types of judges, trainers, riders and auditors. Most programs are open to everyone, but some do have eligibility requirements that must be met for acceptance into the program.

Examples of USDF Education programs include:

The GMO Education Initiative, L Education and Continuing Education in Dressage Judging (Provide trainers, instructors, competitors and spectators' insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage; the Instructors / Trainer Program (designed to educate amateurs and professionals who wish to further their education in the classical system of dressage); Sport Horse Education; symposiums and conferences, and a wide variety of Youth Programs.

Educational programs offer the additional benefit of being accredited by USDF University. If you attend an accredited session, you obtain education credit(s) toward a certificate of recognition from USDF. These credits allow members to receive their certificates based on the number of credits earned. So if you aren’t a member, join today – and begin your lifetime of learning.

For a comprehensive list of all our youth programs, see our Youth Programs section.

If you are interested in hosting one of our many educational programs contact