Sport Horse Prospect Forum Participant Information

Apply to Ride: Deadline September 15


This educational event is intended for all individuals nationwide with the goal of developing a consistent training foundation for sport horse prospects. Participants may apply with more than one horse and must participate with selected horse. If a substitution is needed, participants must receive permission from USDF. The following are the guidelines for participant and horse selection:

  • Applicant must be a USDF member at any level and minimum 18 years of age.
  • Applicant horse must be at least 36 months of age as of the date of the forum, with a maximum age of five-years-old.
  • Applicant MUST provide a link to a video that includes:
    • Applicant working with applicant horse under saddle at the walk, trot and canter.
      • The video may also include work on the ground including work in-hand, lungeing and/or long lining.
    • Applicant working with at least one other young horse under saddle at the walk, trot and canter.
      • The video may also include work on the ground including work in-hand, lungeing and/or long lining
  • Applicant must provide resume that includes:
    • Experience training and working with young horses. Emphasis should be on under saddle training.
    • Minimum three (3) references. See attached Reference Sheet to be used.
    • Any relevant show experience or other accomplishments with young horses in hand and/or under saddle. Could include breed inspection results, etc.
  • Applicant Horse Information:
    • Age (date of birth included), breeding (sire and dam sire)
    • Training
    • Show experience in hand and/or under saddle
    • Strong Points/Weak Points
    • Particular issues applicant would like to focus on at forum
  • Explanation of what applicant personally hopes to gain from participating in forum.

Participants should be comfortable being instructed in front of a large audience as there may be 100 or more auditors in attendance.

Selection Process

  • The forum instructor(s) will select ten (10) primary participants’ and three (3) alternate participants.
    • Alternate Participants will be notified prior to the Forum date if an opening becomes available and are encouraged to register as auditors.
  • The ten (10) primary participants selected will be required to attend the ‘preview’ session the day before the forum for a preliminary review by the instructor(s).
  • All selected participants and horse applicants will be evaluated by the instructor(s) during this time.
    • From these ten primary participants, eight full participants and two reserve participants will be identified.
  • A meeting will be held after the ‘preview’ session to announce the full participants and the schedule for the forum.
    • The reserve participants will be invited to stay for the forum as they may be called upon in the event a problem arises with one of the full participants. They may also be asked to participate in a secondary role (i.e. conformation demonstration, saddle fitting demonstration, etc.).
    • Reserve participants will receive a refund of their participant fee, less appropriate fees should they chose to stay for the duration of the forum.
  • If not selected to participate, applicants are strongly encouraged to audit, but please do not send in auditor registrations until you have been informed that you have not been selected to participate

Fees and Cancellations

The participant fee is $300, which includes lunch and registration for one guest. Owners of selected horses will received one complimentary registration. Participation is required for the entire clinic; it is not possible to apply for one day only. The clinic fee does not include stabling, hotel, transportation or food costs which will be sent to the selected participants. Payment will be requested from selected participants upon notification of their selection, and will serve as confirmation of intended participation. Payment must be received within ten days of notification, or the rider will forfeit their spot in the forum and the first alternate will be notified. It is not necessary to send payment with this application; please wait until you are notified that you have been selected to participate. Participants who need to cancel after confirming their participation and sending payment should notify USDF as soon as possible. Participants canceling will receive a refund, minus a $25.00 processing fee, in the event a replacement can be found by USDF. If no replacement is available, the participant will not receive a refund unless canceling in advance due to verifiable medical or veterinary reasons.


Complete applications and videos must be received by USDF on or before the published deadlines in order to be considered. USDF is not responsible for late or misdirected mail, faxes, or email. USDF will confirm receipt of your application by email or phone. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt, please contact USDF prior to the deadline shown on the application. Applications and videos are not reviewed until after the deadline. USDF will notify all participants as soon as the selection process is completed, no later than four weeks prior to the forum. For fastest notification, please provide a current email address on your application. USDF will not publish or release the names of applicants not selected, nor will USDF inform third parties (such as horse owners) as to the status of an application, without the written consent of the applicant. VIDEOS WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

For more information, contact